One of the few benefits of our medical insurance is that it provides us a “free” annual examination. I put the word free in quotation marks as a way of being sarcastic. In order to get the “free” thorough, head-to-toe examination, we have to pay our twelve monthly payments. And so, it is actually far from being free.

If you will look at your calendars, you will find that today is the scheduled day for your annual ministry examination. And, here’s the good part. It is absolutely FREE! How? Because I am asking for you as the Pastor or a children/student ministry leader or Sunday school teacher to perform the annual examination and temporarily become an unbiased physician or evaluator. Today, you are to perform a long overdue, thorough, head-to-toe examination of your ministry. For just a few minutes, I want you to do what my physician does each year and look below the surface, poke around and ask embarrassing, honest questions. Analyze where the ministry stands today as opposed to its condition twelve months ago.

Finished? Satisfied with the results of your examination? If not, without me even being there with you right now, I, Dr. Burns, can reach across the miles and read the examination’s summarization and deduce the source of the problems. (You do know that I am being facetious about me being a doctor, right?) In all likelihood, your situation is caused by a serious lack of the Holy Ghost. The medical journals (the book of Acts) show that when He is constantly flowing throughout the body (of Christ), your maladies and problems aren’t an issue. Without a Holy Ghost difficency, the Church is healthy and alive. Lives are impacted. There is supernatural growth. Signs and wonders abound.

Ignite&UniteUnlike most physician’s penmanship, this prescription is easy to read. Contact Billy and Vickie Burns so that those in your ministry can get a healthy, undiluted, maximum-strength dose of the Holy Ghost. In July 2014, Vickie and I left a tremendous church in South Florida so that we can travel full time to “dispense the prescription” around the nation and world. We are doing this by preaching Holy Ghost rallies and revivals in churches and also training and equipping children/student ministry leaders to work together the Holy Spirit through our Ignite and Unite Conferences.

Ready to pick up the prescription?  Click on the YOUR PRESCRIPTION link shown below to get the details about how to host a Holy Spirit rally/revival and/or a Ignite and Unite Conference.