Quite often in our Ignite & Unite Conferences and Holy Spirit Rallies, I will ask this question, “How many of you would love to flow in the gifts of the Spirit?” Without exception, the room will be filled with those desiring to be used of God in this manner. It is so exciting to see that these believers want to be used of God to edify the Body of Christ. But when asked the follow-up question “Do you know how to flow in these gifts?” it is rare to receive an answer. It’s no wonder why we aren’t seeing the gifts of the Spirit in operation in our gatherings. Those in our congregations simply don’t know how to step into being used of God in His spiritual gifts.

Let me share one of the best observations about being used in these spiritual gifts.

“I have found in my own life that the more that I pray and worship God
in tongues, 
the more manifestation of other gifts of the Spirit I have. The less
I talk in tongues,
the less manifestations I have. Speaking with tongues
is the door into 
the rest of the spiritual gifts.”
~ Kenneth E. Hagin “Why Tongues”

Amen and amen. But, lest you misunderstand what Brother Hagin is saying, let me add this one cautionary note. Brother Hagin isn’t saying that God is counting the time spent praying in the Spirit as the qualifying factor for opening the door for you to operate in a spiritual gift. It’s not a once you hit the benchmark ## hours of praying in tongues that you suddenly become worthy of operating in His gifts. What Brother Hagin is saying is that the time invested in communing with the Father through the Spirit creates a sensitivity to His promptings and leadings thus opening the door to the supernatural manifestations of the Spirit. The greater the sensitivity, the greater the flow. The less the sensitivity, the less manifestations of these gifts.

Don’t you love the simplicity? To the one desirous of spiritual gifts, this simple revelation of praying and worshiping God in tongues will launch them into a realm of relationship that they have never before experienced and bring about Book of Acts ministry demonstrated through their lives. The door is ready to be opened. Pray and worship in the Spirit.