One of the greatest dangers within the Body of Christ is found when a believer experiences God in a real, tangible way and then decides to pitch his tent on this one experience and never move on in his journey of the Spirit. These individuals are ones who lose the passion to go after more of God, to experience God in new, fresh ways, and explore the riches of His glory. Here is how one of my all-time favorite spiritual heroes explained it …

“The majority of people throughout Church history never move beyond
their first blessing from God – the salvation experience. When John Wesley
began to preach sanctification – the cleaning up and discipline of your
life – many denominations did not even look around. They said, “We’ve
already got it all.” Once the average believer gets in a groove,
that is exactly where he or she dies. We are creatures of habit.
We move ahead in almost everything except God. I think the
primary reason is because the devil does not want us to move forward.”
~ Lester Sumrall “Pioneers of Faith”

My prayer for you is that you be one of the “there must be more” saints that are constantly journeying into the previously untraveled realm of the heavenlies and exploring new depths in the land of the Spirit and daily experiencing the glory of God. I pray that you are not a “parker” but rather a traveler that moves from glory to glory to glory to glory. That’s your Father’s greatest desire!