November 2017

13 Nov The Holy Spirit @ Walmart

I seriously doubt that are too many people in our country that haven't at one time or another seen one of the most famous tag lines in modern tourism marketing "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas". Believe me when I write that I'm not sharing this tag line to promote Las Vegas or the what happens in Las Vegas mentality. I mention it only because, unbeknownst to many in the church, they have adopted this same mentality. To many, what happens in church, stays in church. Consequently, the world isn't being impacted by their lives. God isn't a fan of this mentality. In fact, He sent the Holy Spirit to combat and destroy this mentality! We see that upon the Holy Spirit's arrival in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit radically impacted the believers and then immediately launched them out into the mission field. The 120 believers left the upper room taking what had happened in their service with them and saw some 3,000 people come into the Kingdom Jesus was definitely not a "what happens in the synagogue stays in the synagogue" Savior. After being baptized in the Spirit (Luke 3:22; 4:1) and launching His ministry, the majority of Jesus' ministry was done outside of the synagogue (church). In reading through the Gospels, we find that only three of Jesus' 37 recorded miracles were done inside of the synagogue. (Luke 4:33-36; Luke 6:6-8; Luke 13:10-13). We never read of Jesus seeing a need and telling the individual to meet Him in the synagogue on the next Sabbath. The Holy Spirit living inside of Jesus was always ready at any time and place to meet any and every need. I've written about the 120 in the upper room and also Jesus' ministry. Now, let me write directly about you. Ready? This may seem too strongly worded, but it is true. If you have the what happens in church stays in church mentality, I will guarantee that you have one frustrated Holy Spirit living on the inside of you. When the last shout is done and the last amen said, the Holy Spirit is ready to walk out of the church with you to impact your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth. (Acts 1:8) Put Him on display at Walmart as you're shopping and dodging the falling prices. Allow Him to show that He is with you when you are standing in line at Burger King waiting to get your Whopper. The Holy Spirit living inside of you is always ready at any time and place to meet any and every need. Let's give Him that opportunity this week!...

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06 Nov Do Miracles Still Happen?

While preaching this past Sunday in one of our Holy Spirit Rallies, I shared that the greater works that Jesus promised (John 14:12) are made possible because "I go to my Father". In other words, Jesus' return to heaven and the ensuing sending of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16; 16:7) opened the door to the greater works (Acts 1:8). I also mentioned that churches all across our land have shut this door. Sadly, pastors are standing behind their pulpits preaching that the outpouring of God's Spirit and the days of miracles are long gone. I learned a few days ago of one of these churches located in our area. So, today I visited that churches' website and read on the page listing their core beliefs that believe and teach that the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit was given to certain individuals in the early church for the sole purpose of confirming their ministry. Evidently, they like many other churches believe that the days of the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit was limited to the early church and ended when the last apostle died. Thankfully, I have found the opposite to be true. No where in the Scriptures can I find a single verse that even half way implies that the Holy Spirit withdrew the casting out of demons, the speaking with new tongues, the rendering of poison harmless, and the healing of the sick when the last apostle took their final breath. The door into the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit is still wide open. To those who question if miracles still happen today, let me close out this blog post by sharing this powerful insight from George Jeffreys ...

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30 Oct 24/7/365 Supernatural

Here is a simple and yet powerful observation. When the supernatural presence and power of the Holy Spirit is continually seen and experienced in a public worship gathering, it creates in the believer an expectancy for the same to be seen and experienced continually in their day-to-day lifestyle outside of a public worship gathering. In other words, the norm inside of the church will become the norm for outside of the church. The flip side to this statement is what is never or rarely seen in a public gathering, in all probability, will never be seen outside of the church building. I am so passionate about this. I want it to be the norm for born-again, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled believers to daily experience a passionate worship that comes through praying and worshiping God in other tongues. I want believers to expect Book of Acts results at their workplace or while they shop at Walmart or visit in a neighbor's home or eat their meal during a school lunch break. But, it will only be the norm outside of the church if they continually see this as the norm in the worship gatherings. The word continually is the key word. All too often, the Holy Spirit's unrestrained freedom is relegated to a once-a-year unique service when a "specialist" (evangelist) ministers and then afterwards, the Holy Spirit ministry is either drastically toned down or shelved until the next annual visit of the "specialist". It can't be an annual event. We must continually put the Holy Spirit on display and make it the norm for the children, youth, and adults to participate in His activity. What will be the results of the continually? People encountering God through their prayer language in your services will produce people who enjoy its benefits throughout the week. Boldly laying hands upon the sick and expecting signs following in a service will produce people doing the same in their school classrooms, workplaces, and neighborhoods. It will be incredible to see people obeying the unction in their spirit to utter Spirit-inspired words (a Word of Knowledge and/or a Word of Wisdom) at the right time to the right person day after day. And, can you image the testimonies as the children, youth, and adults dare to believe God for the impossible as the opportunity arises? The world is desperately waiting on what the Church has to offer. Through our Spirit empowered, led, and experienced services, let's make the Book of Acts norm the 24/7/365 norm so that the world can be changed!...

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