August 2017

07 Aug My Way of Spiritual Growth

Here is a good, practical way to allow God's Word to grow in your spirit. I find that for myself, my greatest revelation from the Scriptures comes as I read a particular verse from several translations. I am blessed in the fact that over the years, I have accumulated many, many translations including several that aren't available online through sites like Gateway Bible and Bible Hub. As I read the translations, revelation comes as the difference in the wording provides a slightly distinct insight. And, here's the part that has caused my spirit to grow, so that I won't lose or forget that revelation, not too long ago, I began to enter those key translations onto an Excel spreadsheet so that I could mediate on these verses throughout my day. I created different spreadsheets for different topics, i.e., healing, Holy Spirit, worship, etc. Then, I placed these spreadsheets onto a platform that could be read on my PC, iPad, and iPhone allowing the verses and translations to be read at any place or time. As I updated the file on my PC, it would automatically update the other devices. Here is an example from my file on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: So, now as I pray throughout the day, I can pull up this verse on my device and remind myself that as I am praying in the Spirit, I am being edified, improving myself, building up my spirit man, being encouraged ...

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31 Jul A Miracle-Working Ministry

Why do Vickie and I travel each week to different churches and preach and teach about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of every born-again believer having a relationship with the Holy Spirit? The answer is quite simple. Without the infilling of the Holy Spirit, today's believers will never continue Jesus' earthly ministry to this present generation. How important is it that today's believers be baptized in the Holy Spirit? In reading through the Gospels, from the time that Jesus entered into the Temple as a youth until the day that He was baptized in water, we read of no ministry happening. There is no miracle or supernatural teaching to be found during these years. But, after the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus at His water baptism, Jesus was launched into a ministry of the supernatural with signs, wonders, and miracles. Acts 10:38 tells us that His miracle-working power manifested because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So, if Jesus was dependent upon the Holy Spirit to fulfill His earthly ministry, how can He continue His ministry today unless His followers too are filled and dependent upon the Holy Spirit! I love how this quote from D.W. Kerr reminds us of Jesus' dependence ...

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