I pray that these illustrations are helping you in your personal life and ministry. Ready for the next one? Once again, I will give a brief, skeletal overview of the illustration. Then, with the Holy Spirit’s help, you can personalize the illustration to become a powerful teaching tool.

The Importance of Praying in Other Tongues 
Part 10 – Pray Divine Secrets

As a child, I loved to play a game that everyone has played at one time or another, Red Rover. With this game, two lines are formed usually twenty or thirty feet apart with the individuals in each line linking hands or arms together.  Then, the command “Red rover, red rover, let [player on opposite team] come over” is given for a player from the opposing line to “come over” by running from their line to the opposing line and attempt to penetrate through the opposing line. (You may want to have several people available to demonstrate how the game is played.)

I know this to be a fact. Satan, also known as a thief, liar, killer, deceiver, and destroyer hates to hear us pray. He knows that when we are talking to God that we are doing God’s business. And so, he will make every effort to penetrate through to hear and understand what is being prayed. He knows that if he can gain this information that he can began to work against God’s plans.

Thankfully, the Bible tells of a way to communicate with God in such a way that keeps Satan from gaining access to this top level communication. In 1 Corinthians 14:2, we learn that when we pray in an unknown tongue (praying in the Spirit) we are communicating mysteries. Did you catch that? Mysteries! One translation of this verse (Moffatt Translation) tells us that we are speaking divine secrets. These divine secrets give us the ability to do exactly what we did in the Red Rover game. We are linking arm in arm with the Holy Spirit to keep Satan from getting into areas in which he has no business! It’s no wonder that Satan wants to keep us from praying in other tongues.