While reading in the Gospel of Matthew last week, I entered this note alongside Matthew 9:35 “Proclaiming the gospel and healing the sick go hand in hand.” The gospel that we teach and preach is a miraculous gospel. I’ll make it even clearer … the gospel is 100% supernatural. It is God’s supernatural power that makes the gospel to be the gospel. You see, the word “gospel” literally means “good news”. Wouldn’t you agree that it is GOOD NEWS that the preaching/teaching of the gospel will cause sinners to be born again, the sick and afflicted to be healed, the oppressed to receive joy, the troubled to be flooded with peace, and the bound to be set free? The proclamation of the GOOD NEWS opens the door for the Holy Spirit to come and supernaturally validate the Word with signs following. (Mark 16:20)

Pastor/Sunday school teacher/children’s ministry worker/student ministry leader, and (most importantly) YOU, let me remind you of a fact that you already know to be true. The Word of God is not just another book. The GOOD NEWS is still the power of God. (Romans 1:16) If given the opportunity, the supernatural WILL manifest when the GOOD NEWS is declared.

Boldly preach/teach/share the Good News. Each and every time that you open the Word, make room for the supernatural. Turn on your expector (that may not be a legitimate word, but there isn’t a word that better describes what’s been lacking) and look for the Holy Spirit to validate the Word of God. Finally, demonstrate God’s wonder-working power. 

Let me close with this powerful quote from a man who saw God do mighty miracles.

“As long as the gospel is preached and there
are creatures to receive it, the power to
demonstrate the supernatural will remain on earth.”
~ George Jeffreys “The Phenomena of Pentecost”