One of the most common statements that I hear from Pastors and those ministering to children and youth concerns how to teach and then make it possible for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you are one of those that has struggled on how to lead a person or a group into this gift that God has provided for each and every believer. With that in mind, I want to share a three part series that gives an overview on how to teach about this baptism. I will take what would be pages of teaching and instead share enough to give a solid, biblical understanding. The three parts to be shared are The Teaching, The Preparation, and The Receiving. 

And, one more thing about this series. If you have not received this promise from the Father (Joel 2:28-29), read these three blog posts and then simply ask the Father to fulfill His promise in your life. 

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Part 1 – The Teaching

The teaching is quite simple. It’s all wrapped up in one verse. Jesus (can you ask for a greater authority on this subject?) said,

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children:
how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit
to them that ask him?”
Luke 11:13

This one verse shares so much about the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  1. This is a gift.
  2. This is a good gift.
  3. This is a good gift from heaven.
  4. This is a good gift from heaven for Christians.
  5. This is a good gift from heaven for Christians that the Father is anxious to give.
  6. This is a good gift from heaven for Christians that the Father is anxious to give to all that ask.

Want more? I could add just a few other verses about this gift.

  1. This is a necessary gift. Acts 1:4
  2. This is beneficial gift. John 16:7
  3. This is a powerful gift. Acts 1:8
  4. This is an ongoing gift. Ephesians 5:18