The beauty of the longevity in writing this blog is that I have had almost twelve years to write about so, so many aspects of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The negative side of publishing a blog post week after week is that, oft times, the truths and revelations shared months and years ago become buried and rarely read again. New readers won’t discover the truths from the earlier posts.

Twelve years of posts? How important are these blog posts? I know for a fact that I could take three to four minutes to read any one of the over 600 posts and then walk into an auditorium to preach or a classroom to teach and use the content of that post and/or series of posts to minister for 45 minutes to an hour on that subject. 

What is my all-time favorite blog post? To be honest, they are ALL my favorite. To me, the blog posts are like the old Lay’s Potato Chip commercial, “No one can eat just one.” For example, consider these posts … (This is so difficult. There are dozens and dozens of posts that I want to list. The following posts were randomly selected.)
> 2019, June 17 – He’s the “Five W” Holy Spirit
> 2013, September 20 – Lessons Learned from Eli
> 2019, March 4 – Holy Spirit 101, The Basics
> 2018,  April 30 – How’s This, Mister Spiritual Hottie Tottie?
> 2015, April 20 – The “Secret” of How I Minister
> 2019, April 22- The Supernatural Power of Communion (This is the first of a four-part series.)
> 2016, March 21 – One of the Greatest Roadblocks to a Move of God
> 2014, April 21 – Can Children Be Used of God?
> 2018, January 1 – A Ministry Revolution – The Introduction (This is the first of a ten-part series. If allowed, I would teach this in EVERY Children’s Ministries conference.)
> 2010, May 17 – Six Reasons EVERY Child Must Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit (This the first of a three-part series. Again, I’d teach this in EVERY Children’s Ministries Conference.)
> 2017, May 7 – Answering Questions About Speaking in Other Tongues (This is the first of a four-part series.)
> 2013, August 5 – The DNA of a Holy Ghost Ministry (This is the first of a four-part series.)
>  2017, June 12 – Afraid of a Supernatural Demonstration of the Gifts of the Spirit?
>  2018, October 8 – Praying in the Spirit Illustrations (This is an on-going, sporadic series. I am currently on Part #16.)

So, how do you access these posts and the six hundred other posts? First, go to my ministry web site ( and then click on the link for BLOG. Next, click on the title of this post (My All-Time Favorite Blog Post) and it will send you to the page listing the archived posts. It’s just that simple. 

One last question? After reading the blog posts, do you have a favorite?