If you have followed this blog for any length of time or attended one of our Holy Spirit Rallies or Ignite & Unite Conferences, you have heard me state “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost!” To me, this is one of the most powerful declarations that I can announce. TODAY is His day. He is still in the Book of Acts business.

If today is truly His day (and it is), then why aren’t we seeing demonstrations of His presence and power? The answer is quite simple.  You don’t have to be a theologian or cemeterian (I mean seminarian) to see the answer. It’s obvious that we have become quite proficient in constraining the Holy Spirit.

This week, I want to share the first of three common areas of constraint. (This will be one of those amen or oh me revelations.)

Constraint #1 – The Not Me Constraint.

Simply stated, the Not Me Constraint is a misguided perception of who is supposed to flow in God’s might and power. Many of those with this constraint have relegated the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit exclusively to the “super Christians”. You know who that I am talking about … a television preacher, traveling ministry gift, pastor … anybody and everybody but themselves.

The Not Me Constraint isn’t new. When God appeared to Moses (Exodus 3), Gideon (Judges 6), and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1), they listed their self-imposed “legitimate” issues that disqualified them from being used of God. In their minds, they were convinced that God could find others far more qualified. Then, the Bible tells of another extreme form of the Not Me Constraint … the others-imposed constraint. This was seen in the lives of David (1 Samuel 16) and Jesus (Matthew 13). The strong opinions of the bystanders and nay-sayers were obvious. David heard “isn’t there a brother more qualified?”. Jesus heard “isn’t He the carpenter’s son?”.

Now let me be personal. I not writing to the masses. Right now, I am writing directly to you. Have you bought into the Not Me Constraint lie? Are you just sitting on the sidelines with your arms folded and occupying space on the earth? Have you disqualified yourself? Are you constraining the Holy Spirit?

This may seem too bold of a statement but I will share it anyways. As much as I love men and women of God like two of my favorite ministers, Jentezen Franklin and Joyce Meyer, they can’t and never will be able to do what God wants to do through YOU. Your pastor, as great as they might be, can’t do what the unconstrained Holy Spirit can do through YOU in your family or workplace or neighborhood.

I challenge you to circle this day on your calendar. It is a new day. As of TODAY, Constraint #1 is history. The question of who has been forever answered. Resolve that the Sent One (the Holy Spirit) provided by the Father will be allowed to “shall” to and through you (John 14:26) as He uses your mouth, hands, and feet to boldly, mightily advance the Kingdom. These are officially Book of Acts days in and through YOU!!!