EVERY THING found in the book of Acts is a today action of the Holy Spirit. That is, it is a today action if we say “GO Holy Spirit. No more WHOA Holy Spirit”. As I have shared in the previous blog posts, for far too long, many have said “WHOA” by …
* Buying into the Not Me Constraint
* Putting on the spiritual brakes with the Not Here Constraint

I want to share a third all-too-common constraint imposed by many Whoa-ers upon the Holy Spirit.

Constraint #3 – The Not Now Constraint.

You know the following stories and so I won’t go into great detail. In Acts 5:15, we read that Holy Spirit ministered powerfully through Peter as he walked down the street. In Acts 8:17, we read of Peter and John laying their hands upon the Samaritan believers so that they might be filled with the Holy Spirit. In Acts 8:26-40, Luke writes of God sending Philip the Evangelist along a desert road to lead an Ethiopian man to Christ. What is a common denominator in these stories? Luke doesn’t give a specific day of the week or time of day when God supernaturally ministered.

Why is this significant? Because, in the minds of many people, if the Holy Spirit is to move, He has a designated window of time once a week to do His work. Come on, you know exactly what I am talking about. If the Holy Spirit is allowed to minister at all, it HAS to be during the time allocated at church on Sunday.  (Am I getting too close for comfort?)

Those who have attended our Holy Spirit Rallies have heard me declare “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost”. TODAY actually, really means today. Right now. Whenever a need arises. As in the stories that I shared from the Book of Acts, that need might arise when we are walking down the street or are with a group of people or connecting one-on-one with an individual. That very moment becomes your TODAY that the unconstrained Holy Spirit can move through you to meet a need.

I would apologize for the simpleness of these Constraint blog posts. But, I won’t. I can’t. The three constraints that I have listed are far too common. Many people live spiritually unproductive lives because of these constraints!

Begin right now to declare that the days of the “Not Me Constraint” and “Not Here Constraint” and “Not Now Constraint” are history. Beginning right now, your “WHOA Holy Spirit” is officially replaced with “GO Holy Spirit”. Know that these are Book of Acts days through you, right here, right now! To quote T.D. Jakes, “Get ready, get ready, get ready” because I know this to be a fact … the TODAY Holy Spirit is waiting to show Himself in and through you TODAY.