If I were to receive a last-minute invitation to teach in one or more conference workshops or preach in one or more church services and only given my Bible and a tablet containing this year’s blog posts to use as my teaching/preaching notes, which would be my go-to blog posts? In other words, which are my two-thumbs-up favorites (three-thumbs-up if I had three hands)?

  • A 36-Inch Waist! (November 2) I have found Jesus to be what I call the Master Packer. In just forty words, Jesus packed an enormous amount of revelation about the Holy Spirit.
  • Dressed in the Fashions of Heaven (August 3) This blog post gives the insider’s info on the hottest fashions for those wanting to be in the know.
  • F.Y.I – The Holy Spirit Is Known to Cause… (March 9)  For those of you that love quiet, predictable, mausoleum-type Christianity, this blog post is definitely not for you. Here’s a heads-up on what to expect when the Holy Spirit makes His entrance.
  • I’ll Take the Sausage, Bacon, AND Ham! (July 6) It’s amazing to see how the Grandma’s Sampler breakfast at Cracker Barrel restaurants helped me to teach one of the many reasons why I love the Holy Spirit.
  • Debunking Fake News About the Holy Spirit (January 13)  In a day where fake news permeates our world, I want to go on record with some accurate, indisputable, up-to-date information about the Holy Spirit.

Take a few minutes to click on each of these posts and discover why I believe that these are right-now messages needed by today’s believers. I’m quite confident that they will quickly become your faves too!