THE BACKGROUND: I know. Once again, I’ve mentioned a name that is probably unknown to most of this blog’s readership. Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924) was an evangelist mightily used by God in the area of divine healing. Read the following two stories that happened in her meetings and then I will share why I added them to my files many years ago.

THE STORY ADDED TO MY FILES: Sidney, Iowa, 1916. “Yesterday morning the Lord used a little afflicted boy in a wonderful way. The power fell on him, just as the service was dismissed and he came on the platform. For nearly an hour he preached and prophesied. He told the large crowd to live the Bible, to hide away, that judgment was coming, to get the Holy Ghost, to come to the altar, to pray, and to get ready. Scores fell on their knees around the altar. Out in the congregation men and women began to cry out to God. The town was stirred when this was noised abroad and many of the most prominent people came out to the afternoon and evening service.”

THE STORY’S SOURCE: The Weekly Evangel (the official publication of the Assemblies of God), October 7, 1916, page 15.

THE STORY ADDED TO MY FILES: St. Louis, Missouri, 1890. “One day, a helpless little girl was brought to me. She could neither talk nor walk. After I prayed for her, I told some of the folks to take her out and let her try to walk…. After a while, they brought her back. She was walking and talking, but they couldn’t understand a word that she said. Praise the Lord. She had the use of her whole body; she was walking and talking in a strange language or tongue. She was filled with the Spirit and was bold as a lion. I stood her on the platform, and she began to walk about and preach. With hands uplifted…she preached to the astonished multitude, showing what great things the Lord had done for her.”

THE STORY’S SOURCE: Wayne E. Warner Revival! (Tulsa: Harrison House, Inc.,1978),55,56.

THE STORIES SIGNIFICANCE: I love telling these stories in our conference workshops. Why? Isn’t it obvious? They are great reminders and examples of the fulfillment of God’s promises. “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…” (Joel 2:28 ). “For this promise is unto you, and your children…” (Acts 2:39). The stories cause me to say, “Yes, Lord. Do this again today in our children!” Amen? Amen!