Once again, Mister Simple is here to share the obvious with you. Today, I am asking you to give me two short minutes to read some if and why thoughts and then add however much time is needed for the Holy Spirit to add His one-on-one thoughts with you.

  • If the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift from the Father to every believer (Luke 11:13), and…
  • If, upon receiving this gift, the believer supernaturally receives a download of heaven’s supernatural power (Acts 1:8), and…
  • If learning about this gift by hearing preaching/teaching creates a desire to receive this gift in every believer (Acts 19:1-6), then…

Wait. Stop. You already know where I am going with these “ifs”, don’t you? Then I will switch over to the “whys”.

  • If this promised gift is for every Christian, then why isn’t every Christian experiencing the infilling of the Holy Spirit?
  • Why aren’t we constantly making it a priority to teach/preach/share about receiving this much-needed gift from heaven?
  • Why is it that opportunities aren’t provided in our services/classes/homes for believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit?
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, why would you want to see fellow believers go another day without the benefits provided upon their receiving this gift?

Pastors/teachers/parents, I’ll stop typing and ask you to allow the Holy Spirit to add His comments to what I’ve shared.