In rereading the Holy Spirit’s Owner’s Manual (the book of Acts), I have some insights about what to expect in 2022. Ready? Are you sitting down or standing up? WARNING: This will definitely cause some excitement! Okay, not true. Here’s the truth. It will cause a whole lot of excitement. For those whose denomination doesn’t allow excitement in the services, go ahead and react. I promise to not tell the leaders of your Chosen Frozen Church of the Redeemed. Based upon what the Manual shows, within the next twelve months you, walking hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit, can expect to see Him:

  • Move within the confines of a believer’s meeting. (AKA church service) – Acts 2:1-4
  • Move even more powerfully when the believers leave their meeting. (AKA go into the world) – Acts 2:5-41
  • Impact the masses. (AKA multitudes) – Acts 5:14
  • Mightily touch the individual. (AKA one person here, one person there) – Acts 5:15
  • Fill the members of a household. (AKA kinfolk) – Acts 10
  • Use those deemed ignorant and unlearned by society to confound the learned. (AKA light in the loafers) – Acts 4:13 
  • Use those with noteworthy education. (AKA brighter than a 40-watt lightbulb) – Acts 22:2-3
  • Come upon and heal those with lengthy sicknesses and disablements. (AKA this wasn’t a Tylenol illness) – Acts 3:1-11, 4:22
  • Touch the young and old. (AKA not shaving or shaving) – Acts 2:39
  • See a whole lot of shaking going on. (AKA Supernatural Jello moments) – Acts 4:31,16:25-26

Oh, here is one more insight. You can not only see the Holy Spirit do these things. You can actually be a part of what He does. The secret? I’ve already spilled the beans. Walk hand-in-hand with Him.