Here’s a truth that shouldn’t come as a major surprise. You can be a card-carrying member of one of America’s most popular fitness gyms LA Fitness and consistently gain massive amounts of weight and develop many preventable diseases. LA Fitnessers (this may not be the correct title for the members of LA Fitness but it sure sounds good), is this possible? You know that it is. How? By just being a card-carrying member and not engaging in the exercises in the gym. The desired weight loss and bodybuilding results are achieved only through the constant discipline to use the provided equipment to exercise day in and day out.

Now for the purpose of the blog post. I am specifically addressing those who are Jesus-loving, Bible-toting, Spirit-baptized believers. That’s you, right? There are many with this “membership” that are spiritually muscle-deprived, sedentary, and non-active Kingdom-watchers (not doers). Like the flabby, unmuscled (is that a word?) LA Fitnessers described above, they lack the constant, systematic discipline to use the provided equipment to exercise day in and day out. (You can say amen or oh me.)

What is the “provided equipment to exercise day in and day out”? Read these two verses and then I will explain. 

“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves
on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.”
Jude 20

“He that speaketh in an unknown
tongue edifieth himself…”

1 Corinthians 14:4

Can you see it? As we connect our spirit and tongue to the Holy Spirit (AKA speaking in other tongues), we build up and edify our spiritual muscles. 

I’ll close with three simple yet powerful thoughts about God’s Spiritual Fitness Plan.

  • Just as with physical bodybuilding at the LA Fitness gym, Kingdom bodybuilding can’t be accomplished vicariously. YOU must be an active participant. 
  • Another truth learned at the LA Fitness gym – while one single curl of the barbells is a great start, the benefits of weightlifting are only seen through ongoing curls. God’s plan for building our spirit man requires the same discipline. Our spiritual edification is accomplished only when our praying in the Spirit becomes a daily spiritual exercise and discipline.
  • One last thought. Unlike your local LA Fitness gym, the Kingdom gym isn’t in one geographical location and open for a few select hours. You can be anywhere at any time and develop your spiritual biceps. Right now would be a great time to buff up your spirit man. Pray in other tongues.