Let me start off with a statement that I have found to be so true. Here it is. Too often, we miss the supernatural because we are looking for the spectacular. I was reminded of this again when I read this verse.

“But Peter, standing up with the eleven…” Acts 2:14

I know that you are probably wondering where the supernatural is mentioned in this verse. It’s found in the words “Peter, standing up”. To many, the words are overlooked because they seem to be so insignificant. Nothing spectacular can be found. But, for those with spiritual eyes, the supernatural is hiding in plain sight.

Let me explain. Do you remember Peter’s history? Within a little less than a two-month period of time, Peter had blatantly failed Christ time and time again. This fallen man’s testimony was less than stellar. There was absolutely NO stand in him. 

What a difference the Holy Spirit makes. When Peter and the other Spirit-baptized believers walked out of the upper room, the Holy Spirit walked out of the room with and in them. Things were big-time, radically, humongously, gigantically (get the idea?) different and would never be the same again. The Holy Spirit-empowered Peter was not the same man. He stood in front of the masses and boldly, loudly proclaimed a powerful message. Supernatural? Y-E-S!

I may be typing this post just for you personally. In your eyes, the past failures are constantly trying to “keep you in your place” – fallen, powerless, and devoid of any desire to try again. Without exception, over and over again Satan’s rantings and tirades about your falls stimies and squelches your standing up for Christ. You are ready to quit and go back to doing something safe. In Peter’s case, it was fishing. Can you relate to this?

I’m writing this post to let you know that things can be different. I am declaring that as of today, the chains are broken. Because of the Helper (John 14:16), standing up is your new stance. Get ready to stand and stand some more and stand even more to torment Satan day and night, night and day. Right now, ask the Father to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit. (Luke 11:13). Then, stay filled with the Spirit. (Ephesians 5:18). Daily, enjoy the benefits of the Spirit baptism and your newfound prayer language. (Jude 20). Get ready, today begins your supernatural stand!