If I were to receive a last-minute invitation to teach in one or more conference workshops or preach in one or more church services and only given my Bible and a tablet containing this year’s blog posts to use as my preaching/teaching notes, which would be my go-to blog posts? In other words, which are my two-thumbs-up favorites (three-thumbs-up if I had three hands)? I’ll be honest. It is so, so challenging to look through the 51 posts written this year and narrow it down to just these five blog posts. After reading, please post your thoughts about these five faves. 

  • Declaring the Will of God (February 26) These declarations expressing the will of God over our children and grandchildren need to be preached and repreached and rerepreached and taught and retaught and reretaught. You will definitely want to pass this post on to your friends and family members.
  • The Difference Maker (March 17) I’ll confess that I have preached this mini-teaching over and over and over again. The message is so needed in the life of the Spirit-filled believer. It’s a three-minute read that will totally change your life.
  • God’s Spiritual Fitness Plan (May 14) After reading this post, one person wrote me and said, “This is excellent. Foundational basics!”. Read it and I believe that you will agree!
  • This You Need to Know (June 1) When I wrote this, I sensed such an urgency to share this warning with those passionately wanting to move with the Holy Spirit. 
  • Hissy Fit! Hissy Fit! Hissy Fit! (October 30) For some readers, this blog post stirred up some deep-rooted emotions. As they say in Oklahoma, some were fer it and others agin’ it. Will this cause you to throw a hissy fit?