I know that this will seem egotistical when I write that I have read and reread and even rereread my last post “Power-Packed Kids”. Ego has nothing to do with it. It’s just that reading the post each time fans the flames of my passion for a move of God among and through our children. I am convinced that God wants to powerfully use this generation of boys and girls. He really, really does. 

If you missed the last blog post, I closed the post with this paragraph…
As a way to encourage you to take action, I want to do something that I’ve never done in the 15+ years of writing this blog. In the next few posts, I want to share several testimonies of children who have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. These are actual accounts that we know to be true because we either saw it happen or personally know the individuals involved in the testimonies. I promise that these testimonies will fan the flames of your passion!

Here is the first such testimony…
The place: A kid’s camp located just outside of Lake Wales, Florida (Central Florida, southwest of Orlando)
The background for the testimony: During an afternoon activity, a young girl playing on the inflatable Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course disobeyed the rules and jumped rather than slid down the slide and, in doing so, severely bruised her ankle. Here is a video for those unfamiliar with this inflatable – https://binged.it/3kAlSoA
God’s power released through boys and girls: I was the camp director for this week of kid’s camp. Upon learning of the accident, the camp nurse took the girl to the emergency room at the Lake Wales hospital, had her foot examined, and learned that the injury was a badly bruised (sprang) ankle. The doctor told us that she was not to place any weight upon that foot and she should use crutches to get around. This was a no-brainer. We knew that the girl was in great pain when she had previously tried to stand and walk prior to the visit to the emergency room. There was absolutely no way for her to walk on her own.

After the trip to the emergency room, our staff returned back to the campground with the girl and brought (carried) her into the evening service which had already started. With her foot resting on a chair, she sat in the back of the auditorium along with one of her counselors during the powerful service. It was a service that I will never forget. God impacted the lives of hundreds of kids that night. Children gave their lives to Christ and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

I could end this post with that statement and that would be enough to give thanks to God. But, there’s more. After the evangelists concluded the time around the altars, I as the camp director walked onto the platform to end the service and send the kids out for some late-night activities. But, as I took the microphone from the speakers, I heard words come out of my mouth that I hadn’t planned to say. I called for a counselor to carry the injured girl from the back of the auditorium and place her on a chair on the platform. I then asked the girls from her dorm room to come onto the stage, circle the girl, and get ready to pray for a healing to take place. Rather than go into paragraphs of details, I can sum it up this way. They did, God did, and the little girl did. As the girls (not the camp director, evangelists, or counselors) prayed, God’s power touched the injured girl causing her to jump to her feet completely healed! As the girl jumped up and down on the platform completely pain-free, the place went bonkers with praise and shouting and dancing. It was a demonstration of the fact that God’s power can and does flow through children.
This was no biggie for God. To Him, it is natural to be supernatural through children!

I am way, way over my self-imposed word count limit. In my next post, I will share another story of God’s power displayed in a child from Lake Worth, Florida.