Take special note. This post will be a record-breaking post for it will contain only 225 words. I double dare you to count every word to verify this claim.

Have you ever paid attention to the header for the fourth book in the New Testament? In the King James Version, it is titled “Acts”. Other translations slightly modify the title to read “The Acts of the Apostles”. I know that this is going to sound nit-picky, but “Acts of the Apostles”? Really? Consider their actions before they were baptized in the Holy Spirit. The days of them acting alone weren’t anything to get excited about. But, when the Holy Spirit acted (through them), individuals, cities, and regions were impacted. You see, Acts isn’t a “them” book but rather a “Him through them” book.

There’s one more thought about the title of Luke’s second letter. Please note that it is titled “Acts” which implies movement. It isn’t titled “Meditations”. Every page is our “get up now and allow Me to act the same way through you” blueprint.

Here is the purpose of this post. Let’s place the emphasis of the acts back on the Source of the actions. With your Bible open and your pen in hand, underneath the title “Acts” write in big, bold print, “The Acts of the Holy Spirit (ACTING THROUGH PEOPLE LIKE ME!)”