Children’s Ministry

22 May The “Formula” for Maximized Ministry

In a day where the church is driven by formulas, let me share a can't miss "formula" for filling a church to capacity, seeing altars lined with penitent sinners, having walls covered with no-longer-needed braces and wheelchairs, experiencing unprecedented worship where the people are passionate participators and not unengaged spectators, and inviting glorious demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's presence as seen throughout the Book of Acts. I'm taking this Book of Acts "formula" from a book that is a classic Christ the Healer written by a man that was mightily used of God in the area of miraculous healings, F.F. Bosworth. "A Spirit-filled and praying Church produces an atmosphere in which it is easy for God to work and hard for the devil to interfere; because this atmosphere is the Holy Spirit Himself, who is more than a match for the devil." ~ F.F. Bosworth Let me show you a Book of Acts example of this "formula" being put into practice. In Acts 16, Luke writes of a "service" where Spirit-filled men (Paul and Silas) filled their church auditorium (prison cell) with prayer and praise. What were the Book of Acts results? God miraculously demonstrated His presence, captives were set free, and many were saved and water baptized. That's my kind of church service. The results are guaranteed. Without reservation, I can promise that following the Book of Acts "formula" will bring about Book of Acts results. Get ready for a shaking that will impact all of those in your ministry (be it a Sunday school class, children's church/youth service, or adult worship) who will then change a generation that will change a city, state, nation, and world. The Holy Spirit is ready. Are you?...

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03 Apr The Samuels and Samuelettes Need You!

If you have been in the children's or student ministry for any length of time, you have probably heard comments from well-meaning people that minimize the importance of your ministry. You've heard the "it's just kids" or the "when are you going to get into the real ministry" or, even worse, instead of asking about spiritual results after your service, you hear the dreaded "Did you have fun today?". If we aren't careful, we can allow these comments to cause us to adopt what I call a "spiritual babysitter" mentality. Consequently, week after week, you just make it through a service until the parents come to retrieve their angels. While reading my devotions this morning in 1 Samuel, I was reminded of these important facts ...

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