Rather than share a thought about flowing with the Holy Spirit this week, let me share with you what I consider to be a directive for my life. If you have been to any of our national or regional Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, you have heard me share about the assignment that I received from God while flying home from Fiji in 2001 about raising up a generation of Children’s Ministry leaders who will lead their children and ministry into a Holy Ghost revival.

A couple of weeks ago, I received what I consider to be an important directive to facilitate this assignment. I felt an urgency to go to 10 cities this year and invite 10 Children’s Ministry leaders in that city and surrounding area to spend 2 hours with me on a Friday evening. The purpose is to impart the vision that God has given me and ignite and fan the flames of revival in that geographical area. I am convinced that the 2 hours will make a monumental impact in that area. There is absolutely no cost for this. I will cover every expense.

If you are interested in more details, please contact me at [email protected].