What a weekend. I stood in awe as I watched our children going after God in our three services. Many of the children had hands stretched towards heaven. Others intense desire for God was written across their faces as they worshipped Him. It hasn’t always been that way. Each week, more and more children are learning to move into His presence.

Isn’t it sad that the enemy often causes us to focus on those who aren’t worshipping God? Isn’t it sad that Satan wants your attention constantly drawn to those who cause you to believe that demons can be children possessed?

Consider this … The sun is 400 times larger than the moon; it is also 400 times farther away. So even though these two celestial bodies are vastly different in size, they appear to be almost exactly the same size from Earth. It is amazing that something so tiny can completely block out something so big (in the event of an eclipse), proving that even the smallest of things can live large.

The reason for this week’s blog is to remind you to keep things in perspective. Let’s not allow something so small (what we see right now) to become so big that it eclipses something so gigantic (God’s plans for our children and children’s ministry). What you can see with your physical eyes isn’t the complete picture. Don’t allow those who haven’t begun to flow with God to obstruct your view of those who are God chasers. God is at work.

Remember that this is a journey, not an event. Your vision is not microwavable. Instead, it is crock-potable (is that a word?). Time is always a factor! Keep on keeping the greatness of what God is doing in view. Don’t allow something so small (Jaw-Jacking Janet and I-Don’t-Care Carl) block your view of something so big (Passionate Perry and Worshipping Wanda). Time will change the view of the eclipse!