I’ve been leading into this blog post for several weeks. It’s time to put the blog posts together to make this huge announcement. After 25 years of being the Children’s Pastors at one of the greatest churches in the nation, Vickie and I are obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit and have resigned so that we obey God’s directive. Beginning in July, we will travel full time as evangelists and ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit in our nation and around the globe. Vickie and I will devote our full attention to conducting the Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, preaching in churches, and writing and producing curriculums and books.

Is this a sudden decision? No. We’ve known for some time that God was launching us into this assignment. But, we had to wait for God’s timing. We’ve all seen people who clearly heard from God and yet missed His timing. Timing is everything. We know that we know that we know that now is the time. We’ve clearly heard from God, “The nation is waiting for you. The nations (plural) are waiting.”

You and I know that the need for a move of God’s Spirit is so great. And yet, we aren’t leaving our position as a Children’s Pastor because of a need. We are leaving because of a directive. We’ve heard from God, we know His timing, and we will follow His leadership step by step.

It’s amazing how God has confirmed the gigantic move over and over again. After telling the leadership of our church, God performed a miracle in helping Vickie and I to quickly find a great couple to become Trinity’s new Children’s Pastors. (That’s an incredible story in itself!) Our Florida home had a buyer in 3 days. We located the perfect home in North Richland Hills, Texas (yes, we are moving back to TEXAS!) in just 2 days and will be moving in a few short weeks. People and churches are already coming alongside of us to partner with us financially to enable us to travel. It’s piece after piece of the puzzle joining together to showcase God’s miracle working power.

I would ask four things of you…

First, pray for us.

This is a MAJOR step of faith. We are leaving behind all of the security of being in a local church and the benefits and salary of being on a pastoral staff and will be totally relying on the security that God said, “Get out of the boat and come walk on the water”.

Second, declare with us that this is the day of the Holy Ghost and that this will be demonstrated in our conferences and church services.

I see in my spirit mighty outpourings of God’s Spirit, signs and wonders, and revivals that will change churches and conferences that will change entire ministries and ministry teams.

Third, please go to my new website often.

Here, you will find information about what we will be doing, our schedule (as soon as we begin to schedule conferences and revivals), and a way for you to support our ministry financially.

Fourth, I would ask that you partner with us financially.

In a day where few churches invite evangelists and those that do have guest speakers only invite them for one service, few evangelists exist. Most evangelists have quit traveling. But, we’ve heard God’s directive. We know that the nation is waiting. The nations (plural) are waiting. Will you help launch us into our assignment? By going to the donate page on our web site, you can securely enable us to step into this new season of ministry. We know that you believe in us, know our passion, and want to help ignite a Holy Spirit fire around the world. Thank you in advance.

Got questions about what we are doing? Want to know about us coming to your church? I’m just an email away.

We’ve heard, we’re obeying, and now we are excitedly waiting to see this ride of a lifetime unfold. The nation is waiting. The nations (plural) are waiting. Ready or not, here we come!!!