I will admit up front that the following thought will seem bizarre but I will obey the Holy Spirit and share it with you. Last night, I saw a picture of a vehicle’s side view mirror. In looking at the mirror, suddenly the small print on the mirror became magnified. I could clearly see the words “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. We all know that the automobile industry has placed this message on the mirror as a warning and reminder that there is something that you are approaching or is approaching you that is a whole closer than you’ve perceived.
mirrorWas this message just for me? Perhaps. But, I sense that it could be for many of this blog’s readership. The Holy Spirit is telling me that what I see is really there. It’s undeniably real. But, my perception of its proximity or nearness isn’t accurate. It’s closer, perhaps a whole lot closer than it appears to be.
That may not do anything for you. But, it has me excited. What God has shown me is closer than I thought that it was. I think that I will keep on driving and heading towards my God-given assignment. It’s close, really very close!
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