Are you ready for a major shift in your ministry? I guarantee that the shift will come when you wrap your brain around this simple yet powerful thought. Ready? Here it is. Satan is more convinced about your potential than you are.

What does Satan see when you walk into your ministry opportunity each week? He sees a person that is:

  • A child of the almighty God
  • Blood-bought and carrying the benefits purchased by Jesus’ blood
  • Ready to deliver the  all-powerful, unwavering Word of God (a Word that all of heaven is watching over to perform)
  • Empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Accompanied by angels anxiously awaiting deployment


Both heaven and hell know your potential. You’ve been the one in the dark. For far too long, you’ve underestimated what can happen. Because of your potential, Satan has a panic attack when he sees you starting to minister. When you step into your assignment, Satan starts screaming uncontrollably and then in sheer fear tweets his imps and demons to notify them that you are back on the scene. He knows that you with the backing of heaven can change the course of history.

So, now that you know, it’s time to raze hell. Walk into your ministry assignment expecting the almighty God to walk into the assignment with you. Expect Him to back His Word. Expect lives to be changed. Expect the Holy Spirit to show you things that only He can see. Expect signs, wonders, and miracles. Expect the enemy to flee.

One brief note to bring balance. Before you get “full of yourself”, let me remind you that none of this has ANYTHING to do with you. ALL of your potential is found in “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. Now go step into your assignment.