Thank God for all that was accomplished in 2019. God outdid Himself to us, for us, and through us in so, so many ways. I know that you can probably echo those same words of thanksgiving for your life, family, and ministry.

In looking at 2020, let me share this powerful verse … 

“You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you;
And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon you.”
Job 22:28 (Amplified Bible)

Just typing the words of this verse stirs up an excitement and anticipation in my heart. These aren’t my words. I have determined and established in my heart that the God who cannot lie (Numbers 23:19) has commanded me to boldly decree with my mouth and actions to activate His will in my life.  So, based upon the integrity of His Word, I decree for myself personally and our ministry that 2020 is a year of …

  • A greater intimacy with the Father
  • A greater revelation of the Word
  • A greater dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  • Undeniable demonstrations of the Spirit and power
  • A stronger flow of the gifts of the Spirit
  • Supernatural boldness
  • Harvest and more harvest
  • Bountiful supply
  • Books and more books written
  • Vickie and I being door-openers for the Holy Spirit in America and around the world
  • Multitudes of adults, youth, and children being baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • Unprecedented moves of the Holy Spirit causing what was scheduled to be a one-day Holy Ghost Rally to be extended by days and weeks as the Lord continually confirms His Word with signs and wonders
  • An abundance of opportunities to impart, equip and train children/youth ministry workers to work together with the Holy Spirit

I can summarize this list by slightly modifying my “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost” to say “2020 is the year of the Holy Ghost”. There isn’t a question in my heart about this being the year. How can there be any room for wavering and questioning? Vickie and I are connected to the Almighty God and incredible people like you! 2020 is a year of the supernatural in Jesus’ name. Amen? Amen!!!!!!!!!

P.S. One more quick thought. What have you established in your heart for 2020? What are you boldly, unwaveringly decreeing? Right now would be the perfect time to decree that this is YOUR year for the Almighty God to do what only He can do through a person just like YOU that will work together with His precious Holy Spirit! Go ahead. This is YOUR year!!!