Please tell me that I am “normal” and that I am not the only one who has these experiences. Let me explain. Last week, I was reading through a list of quotations that I’ve compiled over the year. And, while reading the numerous Excel spreadsheet entries, one phrase from one particular quotation jumped off of the page. It was just as if I had never read this quotation or at least this particular phrase before. (Again, I ask. Am I normal?) Here’s the quotation.

“If you want to know how the Spirit acts now, just read how He did act
when He had full possession of the Church. The Book of Acts is a blueprint
by which the Holy Spirit wishes to work throughout His dispensation.”
F.F. Bosworth “Christ the Healer”

Are you ahead of me? I know that I have read and shared this quotation over and over again throughout the years. But, in reading it this time, the words “when He had full possession of the Church” became red-letter, boy-oh-boy, shout-down material. 

Here is what happened next. My spirit shouted out “Here is the key to seeing a Book of Acts Holy Spirit. Here is where many have been missing it.” I know that you are agreeing with me. This is exactly why we aren’t seeing God’s power put on display when we come together as believers. (This would be a wonderful time for you to say the word “ouch”!) Coming closer to home, His lack of having full possession of the believer is the reason why we aren’t seeing the contents of the Book of Acts demonstrated in and through our daily lives. (Maybe a louder “ouch” might be appropriate.)

No more words need to be written. I’ll challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to personalize the “when He had full possession of the Church” and then say “ouch” a few more times!