As I sit down at the computer this morning, I’ll confess that I am one tired man. How tired? I’m so tired that I believe that the dirt underneath my toenails is begging my body to go back to bed. You see, we returned home in Lakeland, Florida yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon from four very full, powerful days of ministry at Daystar Family Church in Northport (Tuscaloosa), Alabama. And, as great and powerful as the services might have been, this morning I feel as though I might be moving about as fast as a three-legged turtle.

Before I tell you about the ministry in Alabama, let me brag on God and the wonderful people at Daystar. This is such an incredible church. If we lived ANYWHERE near Northport, this would definitely be our home church. Pastors Scott and Kristi Schatzline are anointed to the max. The praise and worship are a foretaste of heaven. Unlike many churches today, Daystar’s congregation isn’t looking at a watch but instead is focused upon God’s glory. It is simply unbelievably wonderful!

Wait, there’s one more “before I tell you about the ministry at Daystar” bits of information. Have you noticed that I’ve already used the word “powerful” twice? As strong as that word might be, it really doesn’t fully capture the goodness that God bestowed upon each and every service. I just can’t find the right word and so “powerful” will have to suffice.

On Saturday morning, I taught our 3-hour Ignite & Unite Conference for those involved in children’s and youth ministries. I was thrilled to watch these leaders and volunteers listening, taking notes, and receiving from the Holy Spirit. After the teaching, it was such a privilege to lay hands upon, pray, and prophesy over those at the conference. I know that I mentioned the word “powerful” earlier but it needs to be stated again. I believe that these individuals/ministries will never be the same again.

Sunday morning, I had the privilege to minister in Daystar’s adult service. People came ready to receive and respond to the Word and God met them on their level of hunger. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, the gifts of the Spirit manifested, and people stayed and stayed not wanting to miss out on this Holy Spirit outpouring. 

Sunday evening through Tuesday evening, Vickie and I ministered in three Holy Spirit Rally family services. Instead of preaching with just a Bible as I did that morning, we ministered using many age-appropriate methods and tools for the entire family. Sunday night, we ministered about the promise of the Holy Spirit baptism, Monday about the power of the Holy Spirit baptism, and Tuesday about the purpose of the Holy Spirit baptism. It happened again and again as we saw many baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues and, well,…I could go into a lot of other details about what God did but I will just leave it with the word “powerful” again. All glory and praise go to our Father. 

I’ve shared about the Alabama ministry to serve as a reminder that God is still in the “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh” business. This weekend would be a GREAT time for an outpouring from heaven. Whether you are in our Holy Spirit Rally this weekend in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida or in your home church, get ready. I believe that it will happen again!

P.S. Vickie and I would love to hear from you and/or your pastor about the possibility of bringing a Holy Spirit Rally in your church. Call us today for more information. 561.827.9325.