August 2014

25 Aug Here’s Your Title

Perhaps you've noticed that some people are title and label conscious, especially in the church. I recognize that titles can be used to show position or respect or honor. Some titles are earned, others are purchased for $19.95 through a web site. For me, the old joke is true. I don't care what you call me. Just call me when it's time to eat.   When Vickie and I started into the ministry 35 years ago as children's evangelists, people referred to me as Brother Billy. After ten years of traveling, we obeyed God's direction and left the evangelistic field and became children's pastors at Trinity Church International in Lake Worth. For 25 years, the people lovingly called me Pastor Billy. Many of you know that as of a few weeks ago, Vickie and I are no longer on the pastoral staff at Trinity. We have stepped out in obedience to God's instruction to be igniters of a move of God's Spirit through traveling full time and conducting our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, writing books and publishing curriculums, and preaching in churches. So, in this new season of ministry, what is my title? I could be called any number of titles. I could fit into the evangelist title since we will be itinerant preachers. I could be called pastor since I still pastor and care for many, many people. I could even be called apostle because of the apostolic oversight that I give to certain works.   So, what is my new title (if one has to be given to me)? You can skip all of the religious titles. I want to identify with John the Baptist and be simply referred to as the voice. (John 1:23). I want to be known as the voice of one crying in a Spirit-less wilderness. Is this important? Evidently. John stated that this voice prepares the way for the Lord. The voice isn't just sound going into the atmosphere. It reverberates throughout the desert and Jesus shows up.   As Vickie and I step into this new season and locally, nationally, and internationally proclaim "Today is the day of the Holy Ghost", I believe that the Holy Ghost will show up and make room for the glory of the Lord. I have those Holy Ghost "goosebumps" as I think about this. He still is responding to a voice.   Why did I post this blog? Because I want to officially bestow upon you this same title. Be a voice. Be the voice. Prepare the way for God's glory. Have your voice carry across dry, Spirit-less groups of people so that Jesus can show up. Be the voice of the Holy Ghost to this generation.   Enough reading. Now go start using your voice....

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04 Aug Zestfully Clean?

Let me tell you a little about my childhood. My mom believed in soap, Zest soap to be exact.  Mom believed, to borrow from the Zest advertising slogan, "you're not fully clean unless you're Zestfully clean". We bathed with Zest 365 days a year. A little later in my life, mom showed me another creative use for Zest. I can remember one time as a 7- or 8-year-old coming home from school and innocently using a bad word. Faster than you can spell the word "Mississippi", out came the Zest. With God as my witness, I didn't have a clue what the word meant. I won't tell you what the word was but it did start with the letter "F". I heard the word used by a friend at school and so I boldly used the word at home. Little did I know that it would bring me my one and only time of having my mouth washed out with Zest. So that you won't need to experiment, let me without hesitation state that Zest tastes horrible!!! Needless to say, I never used the "F" word again.   I'm writing today asking you to avoid a God "Zest" moment where He has to get your mouth Zestfully clean. Here's the reason for the need of Zest. In listening to some leaders speak, words are being used that are distasteful to God. I'm not referring to profanity (although that would be another great blog post). The words that God finds nauseating are those that minimize and demean your ministry. When we use a word like "little" in our description of who we are or what we are doing, we are squeezing a great big God with great big plans and desires into a "little" package. It's not a "little" ministry or a "little" activity or a "little" skit. It's an opportunity for an enormous God to do enormous things. And yet, in our speech, we are devaluing in our eyes and the eyes of others what God wants to do.   Let's avoid the soap by making our words Zestfully clean. Let's magnify our God and His work with the words that we speak!...

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