September 2014

01 Sep It’s Really Close!

I will admit up front that the following thought will seem bizarre but I will obey the Holy Spirit and share it with you. Last night, I saw a picture of a vehicle's side view mirror. In looking at the mirror, suddenly the small print on the mirror became magnified. I could clearly see the words "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". We all know that the automobile industry has placed this message on the mirror as a warning and reminder that there is something that you are approaching or is approaching you that is a whole closer than you've perceived.   Was this message just for me? Perhaps. But, I sense that it could be for many of this blog's readership. The Holy Spirit is telling me that what I see is really there. It's undeniably real. But, my perception of its proximity or nearness isn't accurate. It's closer, perhaps a whole lot closer than it appears to be.   That may not do anything for you. But, it has me excited. What God has shown me is closer than I thought that it was. I think that I will keep on driving and heading towards my God-given assignment. It's close, really very close!   P.S. Please send me a short note to let me know that this also applies to you. Contact Billy...

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31 Aug Let’s Be Holy Ghost Arsonists

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post identifying myself as a Holy Ghost arsonists. My assignment is to ignite an all-consuming, unstoppable Holy Ghost fire in individuals, ministry leaders, churches, denominations, and nations. I'm passionate about fulfilling this assignment.   I am coming to you today to ask you to join with me in making this happen. Vickie and I have stepped away from the security of being on a pastoral staff leaving behind salaries and benefits to totally devote ourselves to this assignment. I need for you to join with us in two ways.   1. Prayer. Without this help, the impossible remains impossible. This isn't some religious grouping of words. We NEED you to link arm-in-arm with us in prayer. 2. Finances. Without any embarrassment, I come to ask you to partner together with us financially. We have no salary or benefits. We only have a directive from heaven. We all know that where God guides, He provides. This provision comes through people. We need individuals/businesses/churches to give so that we can travel week after week and be the Holy Ghost arsonists. Also,  before we even start traveling, we need individuals/businesses/churches to help us establish an office by providing finances for furniture and technology (approximately $3,000).   Thank you in advance for believing in us. Thank you for enabling us to obey God. You can give a one-time gift or continuous gifts by visiting our web site. The web site provides the information for those wanting to mail offerings. It also provides a secure way to give online. To give, simply click on this link ...

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